The Speaking Earth -Side 1- (2015)


When I was a child I thought that all things on Earth had souls or had some innate life to them, including the sea, sky, pebbles, birds, even my cat – the list goes on. Around 2010, I read a book about the Aboriginal beliefs of the Dreamtime and the underlying concept of The Speaking Land / Earth. This book spoke to me and was full of the most wonderful art depicting how the Earth and all things on it had a place, importance and inner soul.
I suppose you could call this Animism (from Latin animus, “soul life”) and I still feel that non-human entities, including animals, plants, and often even inanimate objects or phenomena, possess a spiritual essence and have a musical voice.
Strange but true and it is why I feel strongly that we should look after this tiny rock in a huge cosmos, we call Earth.
The Speaking Earth was first released in 2011 as a twelve track cd but with hindsight and new mixing, the new format, of two shorter releases as Side 1 and Side 2, has enabled each track to have room to breathe and take on a new life.
I then created new artwork based on the original images and a nod towards the beauty that is Aboriginal art.

“When listening to their ninth album “The Speaking Earth”, it at times appeared to me the UK-project Soundician (aka Kit and Odette Johnson) is further heading into a more introspective direction…an eclectic mix of instrumental electronic miniatures combining a classical style with minimalism and lush spherescapes along melodic and string passages. At times, there’s a dreamy side to the music such as in “Breeze” and “Amber Sky”, but the most part of Soundician’s output remains fairly unique and hard to describe in words. It’s balanced mood music with a positive approach, staying away from conventions, making up their own sonic cocoon rooted in everyday life and beyond…

Bert Strolenberg – SonicImmersion






Amber Sky


Sea Candy