Evensong (2018)




Evensong, as a project, began several years ago as a response to the death of my favourite Aunt, Vera. I created music, as words utterly failed me at her loss. I then stored the tracks away with a mind to one day return to them and maybe release them at a future time.

Nearly 10 years have passed and the world has steadily changed and evolved into something, that at times I don’t recognise. I find myself increasingly thinking about people and places from the past and that’s when I dusted down these tracks, reworked and added new music to them.

The otherworldly sound they have is reminiscent of the memories they represent. In the end they retain the sentiment of the time they were written and recorded and as the sun sets, by releasing them on this last day of the year, they can finally act as a sonic memorial to those gone before.

I suppose it’s like looking at the past through violet coloured lenses.

Dedicated to my Aunt Vera, who’s frail voice at Evensong belied an inner strength and generosity of heart I miss and also for Kit, without whom my music would never see the light of day.

Odette J


Released December 31, 2018

Evensong written and recorded by O Johnson
Mixed by K Johnson
Artwork by O Johnson
Cover Artwork based on a photograph by K Johnson

Copyright SOUNDICIAN (2018). All rights reserved.