Insects (2013)

Insect ColoursBC

This is a bit of a departure from the previous releases. It is one track of about 28 minutes long consisting of several pieces of music interwoven representing a variety of Insects and is meant to be played and listened to as a whole. However, it still has all the hallmarks of a SOUNDICIAN release – multi-layered, ambient, evolving soundscapes. 

In order, the pieces of music are –
Stag Beetle
Jewelled Beetle
Hoverflies and Bees
Luna Moth
Black Spots

“The UK-duo Soundician have tried something new on their concept-album “Insects”, a 28-minute Ep with nine interweaving pieces tracks dedicated to invertebrates carrying wings.

The continuous track, meant to be played and listened to as a whole, has an overall lush sound design and uncomplicated character, nicely imagining a world of wonder, airy and lightness. The addition of sequencing, tabla-percussion and a tweaked solo-voice in the middle of the composition is also uncommon for Soundician’s eclectic music, taking on an atmospheric and more accessible shape here. I suggest listening with headphones to get the full scope of this fascinating recording.”

Bert Strolenberg – SonicImmersion

insects togetherBC   IRIDESCENCE   StagbeetleBC


Bee BC   Bumblebee BC   MoonmothBC

LadybirdBC     ButterflyBC