Tranquilicity (2003)



” a state of peace, quiet and calm…”

…it is up there with other albums of music to be enjoyed for their beauty and pleasure – with some hints at darker undercurrents and a complexity which allows new elements to be discovered.

Soundician continue to show their affinity for crafting inviting, accessible songs that traverse the ambient, melodic EM, and new age genres with amazing ease…knack for integrating melodic sensibility with more overt electronic music elements to yield short (the longest track here is four and a half minutes long) yet sweet selections that alternately twinkle, shine, float, bounce, and soar. To my ears, no one else is making music that exhibits the same kind of cross-genre hybridization with such a high a degree of quality and sincerity. Soundician are both unique and talented.

Bill Binkleman – Wind and Wire – Tranquilicity (2003)


Dandelion seeds blowing away in the wind.