Reviews – Wise Trees (2015)

WISE TREES (2015) I must confess I’m impressed by this very cool, tasteful and balanced ambient gem in a nutshell, with the outro piece as a highlight. Make sure you listen to this in a quiet environment and use quality headphones to curl up, immerse completely. Bert Strolenberg – Sonic Immersion   Advertisements

Reviews -Insects (2013)

INSECTS (2013 ) The UK-duo Soundician have tried something new on their concept-album “Insects”, a 28-minute Ep with nine interweaving pieces tracks dedicated to invertebrates carrying wings. The continuous track, meant to be played and listened to as a whole, has an overall lush sound design and uncomplicated character, nicely imagining a world of wonder, … More Reviews -Insects (2013)

Reviews -The Speaking Earth (2011)

THE SPEAKING EARTH (2011)   THE SPEAKING EARTH (2011) When listening to their ninth album “The Speaking Earth”, it at times appeared to me the UK-project Soundician (aka Kit and Odette Johnson) is further heading into a more introspective direction. The 12-track album offers an eclectic mix of instrumental electronic miniatures combining a classical style … More Reviews -The Speaking Earth (2011)

Reviews – Memorophilia (2006)

MEMOROPHILIA (2006) Nominated Best Electronic Album Zone Music Reporter 2006    Soundician – Memorophilia CD-R, Private Release, 2006 “Memorophilia” is the fifth cd of the English duo Odette and Kit Johnson on which they continue the musical path of its predecessors. Soundician’s output always had a rather unique style and sound, and on this recording … More Reviews – Memorophilia (2006)

Reviews -L.S (2009)

L.S ( 2009 )     L.S –  After a bit longer hiatus than normal, September 14 saw the release of “L.S.”, the seventh album by Kit and Odette Johnson, aka Soundician. Based on the work of painter L.S. Lowry (known for his industrial landscapes of British Manchester), the English duo says about the music to … More Reviews -L.S (2009)

Reviews -Seven Sisters (2004)

SEVEN SISTERS (2004)   Winner Best Electronic Album 2004 New Age Reporter / Zone Music Reporter   And in the final actual-world review, Soundician recur with their fourth album, the third reviewed here (2001_16, 2003_d). Multi-instrumentalist Odette Johnson and partner Kit (mixing and producing) have produced Seven Sisters (, a suite inspired by a Neolithic burial … More Reviews -Seven Sisters (2004)

Reviews – Tranquilicity (2003)

TRANQUILICITY (2003) Soundician Tranquilicity [Self-published] Soundician first appeared in 2001_16, and now the Johnson duo return with a new album of melodic ambience which refines and focuses their sound. ‘Freefall’ and a sequence of rising scales, string bass, shimmers and shakes, balancing downwards spirals – dense aquatic propulsive layers. Another slowish rhythm in ‘Cherryblossom’, synthetic … More Reviews – Tranquilicity (2003)

Reviews – The Beauty is Knowing…(2001)

THE BEAUTY IS KNOWING…(2001)   Soundician The Beauty is Knowing… While Soundician have released via the web (Liquid Audio and MP3 albums) it is also possible to get ‘hardcopy’ disks from them directly, so they fit this issue. Musically untrained, they represent one of the other aspects of DIYing: the tools of the trade (synths, … More Reviews – The Beauty is Knowing…(2001)