New Age Reporter Awards 2004

Best Electronic Album

Seven Sisters





New Age Reporter Awards 2006

Nominated Best Electronic Album





Odette Johnson (writes and records music, artwork and videos)

Kit Johnson (mixes)


Soundician (2000)

The Beauty is Knowing (2001)

Tranquilicity (2003)

Seven Sisters (2004)

Memorophilia (2006)

Still (2008)

L.S (2009)

Turquoise (single 2011)

The Speaking Earth (2011)

Insects (2013 )

Wise Trees (2015)

Secret Places (2015)

Verses (2016)

hydref (2017)


SOUNDICIAN has its own style of electronic music – A mix of classical electronic music with a touch of ambient, minimalist and experimental elements. Since the first release in 2000, albums have always been eclectic and no two releases are the same.We have found that we have not been easily pigeonholed or fit easily into any one genre, but there is a definite Soundician sound.  

Since the first release in 2000, SOUNDICIAN has been and continues to be  played on Radio stations all around the world and has regularly been included on the Top 100 monthly and yearly charts in New Age Voice, New Age Reporter and Zone Music Reporter.


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You can purchase Albums and Tracks via CDBaby, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Googleplay


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