Verses Sampler Film

In January 2015, SOUNDICIAN released the album ‘Wise Trees’, a sonic interpretation of the poem ‘The Winter Trees’ by William Carlos Williams and dedicated to my Mother, who instilled in me a love of nature.

Just over a year later, here is Verses, in some ways a companion piece to ‘Wise Trees’. It is primarily dedicated to my Father, who had a great love of poetry and believed that it should be read and spoken aloud.
His love of the written and spoken word has left a deep impression, hence Verses – Music based on some of his favourite poems or by his favourite poets.
This is a short promo video to give an idea about this latest release from SOUNDICIAN.

Released November 10, 2016

Verses written and recorded by O Johnson
Mixed by K Johnson
Artwork by O Johnson.
Copyright SOUNDICIAN (2016). All rights reserved.

Dedicated to my Father who instilled in me a deep love of the sound of poetry and to Kit, without whom, none of the music would ever see the light of day.
O Johnson


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