Welcome to the New Site

In 2000, as SOUNDICIAN we released the first self-titled collection of tracks and in the following years we have released 12 albums. Each album has been a labour of love and believing in eclecticism, each has been different from the last. However, in all this time you could say that there is a definite SOUNDICIAN sound.

Being a multi genre and sound artist has at times made SOUNDICIAN very difficult to pigeonhole and some might say that being eclectic has meant that we would always be on the fringes.

Huge changes have also occurred since 2000. We always saw the future in digital releasing and distribution, having started out with Liquid Audio. Producing cds has always meant very bespoke and short runs and spiralling costs of cd production and postage has meant we cannot keep up with those that had and have the financial backing. Of course, we never quite envisaged that the ease, for us, of digital downloads, would morph into a distribution model that would in the end destroy all hope of making this a going concern, as some would say. Streaming, although a great idea for some, has in the end, been the death for us as the digital artist paying their way in the world and ultimately, has led, to the diminishing and devaluing of music as an art form.

All this has led SOUNDICIAN down a path that is not altogether one we wished to take but is a route that keeps the music out in the aether for those who wish to listen. This has meant that we have had to look at serious changes in how we do things –

 Firstly, changing the site to a completely DIY option to save money : D

Also, we have had to look at new ways of releasing the music. We began by jettisoning all but the major digital distributors for our back catalogue. All future releases will be on Bandcamp.

Sending out large quantities of cds is no longer an option. This means that we can no longer send out huge quantities of promo cd’s, which is a problem in itself as it diminishes our visibility and our airplay. For Secret Places, it is only available on Bandcamp as a pay what you see fit basis, free if you wish.

How times have changed.

Nevertheless, OJ will continue to write, record and release music, as long as possible and there are projects being worked on for the future.

And so, friends, 2015 was a busy year. Wise Trees began the year well and was received much more positively than expected. The First World War project was added to with the film  1915. Other films created last year – 13, Warrior, Canopy and Dark Water are on Vimeo and finally we sneakily put out Secret Places to round off the year. Also, the visuals for Insects are near completion after finding the Tamborine Mountain Film Project of Peter Kuttner. A short section Moths, was released just before Christmas. The next music release is pencilled in for 2016 and there are several projects in the pipeline.

Phew! Finally, a huge and deep-felt THANK YOU to the small handful of DJs and Radio Stations that are continuing to play Wise Trees and tracks from our back catalogue, as well as Secret Places. It is always a pleasant surprise when SOUNDICIAN gets a play out of the blue and makes things worth it in the end. Some of you have been on this journey with us from the start and we are grateful for the links that we also call friendships. Thanks also to the long-term and new followers on Facebook and Twitter. We still get excited when someone likes SOUNDICIAN.


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