Insects Film Project – Moths

In 2013 SOUNDICIAN released Insects – a departure from previous releases, as it is one 28 minute track consisting of several pieces of music interwoven representing a variety of insects. This piece is meant to be played and listened to as a whole and has never been released as separate tracks. It still has all the hallmarks of a SOUNDICIAN release – multi-layered, ambient, evolving soundscapes.
The pieces of music in order are –
Stag Beetle
Jeweled Beetle
Hoverflies and Bees
Luna Moth
Black Spots

Due to its’ length, I always felt that it would be great to try and create a video to go with the music – not for commercial purposes but solely as an artistic endeavour. I was never able to find the right images or film to work with, until I discovered the work of Peter Kuttner –

I had some video created via trawling the web free film sites but it was not until I came across Peter Kuttners’ project – The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain, Australia – that I eventually saw the hope of ever finishing this huge project.

In Peter Kuttners’ own words –

Since 1998 I have been creating a video artwork celebrating the biodiversity of one small place on earth… Tamborine Mountain.
My artwork documents the exceptional biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain. Amid subtropical rainforest in South East Queensland, Australia, a thriving community lives cheek by jowl with a species-rich flora and fauna whose sustainability is threatened by population growth and global warming.
I film the range of species from lichen and minute bugs to mighty rainforest trees visible to the unaided eye on Tamborine Mountain by day and by night…

…To acknowledge the wondrousness of their very existence by showing what they look like as clearly as I can and to give people a sense of the unfathomable variety of living things to be found in this one small place on earth. Nothing about a species is more remarkable than the fact that it exists. I film species simply because they and I are alive on earth together
Taken from Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain, Australia –

I had great difficulty in finding film that I could use for the track Luna Moth, so I used films of moths found on Tamborine Mountain, some shot in macro. I selected sections and added digital processes to gain the overall look of the video, which relates to my original artwork created for the ‘Insects’ cd in 2013 – an example of which is the final image of a Moon Moth.

Keep in mind that this is real time film shot of the moths – if you look carefully you will see them breathing, tiny mites and the scales on the wings being blown by the breeze.

Moths is just a sample of the overall film which I have been working for over a year and I hope to have finished for 2016. 

Peter Kuttner Films used for ‘Moths’ –

Geometrid Moth, Crambid Moth, Looper Moth, Pale Brown Hawk Moth, Sphingid Moth, Privet Hawk Moth, Green Moth, White Stemmed Acacia Moth, Lymantriid Moth, Arch Moth, Pink Bellied Moth, White Banded Noctuid Moths, Fallen Bark Looper Moth, Moth, Emperor Moth, White Stemmed Gum Moth, White Looper Moth, Moths (Collection).

External Links –

Peter Kuttner Vimeo Channel –
The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain –
Insects (2013) – SOUNDICIAN –

SOUNDICIAN Vimeo Channel


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