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This track, Procession, is from the cd Seven Sisters (2009). Each track is based on one of the Seven Sisters or Pleiades culminating in the final track, Doves to Stars. In Greek Mythology there are several stories about how the Seven Sisters became stars. In one such myth the hunter Orion began to pursue all … More Recent Films

Reviews – Tranquilicity (2003)

TRANQUILICITY (2003) Soundician Tranquilicity [Self-published] Soundician first appeared in 2001_16, and now the Johnson duo return with a new album of melodic ambience which refines and focuses their sound. ‘Freefall’ and a sequence of rising scales, string bass, shimmers and shakes, balancing downwards spirals – dense aquatic propulsive layers. Another slowish rhythm in ‘Cherryblossom’, synthetic … More Reviews – Tranquilicity (2003)

Reviews – The Beauty is Knowing…(2001)

THE BEAUTY IS KNOWING…(2001)   Soundician The Beauty is Knowing… While Soundician have released via the web (Liquid Audio and MP3 albums) it is also possible to get ‘hardcopy’ disks from them directly, so they fit this issue. Musically untrained, they represent one of the other aspects of DIYing: the tools of the trade (synths, … More Reviews – The Beauty is Knowing…(2001)

Reviews – SOUNDICIAN (2000)

SOUNDICIAN (2000)   SOUNDICIAN Soundician (CD-R of Liquid Audio tracks on the artist’s website) (2000) Mixing up various forms of electronic music, e.g. dark-flavored ambient dub, noir-ish electronica, beat-oriented space music and melodic yet still atmospheric soundscapes, the duo that call themselves Soundician have fashioned music that is imminently listenable yet also challenging enough so … More Reviews – SOUNDICIAN (2000)


  Around 2010, I read a book about the Aboriginal beliefs of the Dreamtime and the underlying concept of The Speaking Land / Earth. This book spoke to me and was full of the most wonderful art depicting how the Earth and all things on it had a place, importance and inner soul. I suppose … More 13