At Water’s Edge Podcast – Sweet Sorrow

Honoured to be included on this podcast – Sweet Sorrow   As presenter, Rebekkah Hilgraves, says herself – ”¬†Perhaps the world has always been ruled by madness where humans are concerned. There have been times of relative peace, but there is always conflict somewhere in the world. In the US, the madness seems to be … More At Water’s Edge Podcast – Sweet Sorrow

The X (Chromosome) Factor

Originally posted on At Water's Edge:
The ambient music world is peopled with a wide variety of artists, making music all over the world. With differing focuses on gear, techniques, and sensibilities, the range of expression is vast. Of those many varied artists, we don’t hear often enough about the women… the X (chromosome)…

Found Sounds

Originally posted on At Water's Edge:
At Water’s Edge has a new radio home! Dear friends, listeners, artists, and supporters: I am delighted to say that At Water’s Edge returns¬†to the airwaves on RadioSpiral (! The basic premise of At Water’s Edge is that music is all around us, everywhere, in everything: in the…


Is it February already? Time flies when you are mixing in the studio but the new release is nearing completion and will hopefully be released on Bandcamp in the Spring, which by the look of the snowdrops is nearly here.  

Verses Sampler Film

In January 2015, SOUNDICIAN released the album ‘Wise Trees’, a sonic interpretation of the poem ‘The Winter Trees’ by William Carlos Williams and dedicated to my Mother, who instilled in me a love of nature. Just over a year later, here is Verses, in some ways a companion piece to ‘Wise Trees’. It is primarily … More Verses Sampler Film